September 30, 2009

It's almost Halloween

Halloween always makes me feel like creating. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's because Halloween makes me feel like anything is possible and I can create anything I want to that I can think of. Also it makes me want to watch my favorite scary movies and ones I've never seen is.
The movie at the top of my list is Nosferatu. 1922, black and white... dawn of movie making. Must see! I also feel like some really neat inspiration could come out of it. That creepy, old feel. Hmmm interesting! You can watch a not so great version of it here! OH those organs!


September 25, 2009

Endeavor Media

Tons of music videos suck. Very few music videos rule. Thanks to Endeavor Media, I think we can all look forward to the bar being raised. They create great stories, and what's best is that they often don't need tons of fancy, glitzy production. They make it seem simple, but I know I wouldn't be able to create something so awesome (but in my dreams, I'm a pro). They've got that special touch. They've got that something that a lot of other producer/directors don't have. Be sure to check Endeavor Media out. They've got a bunch more videos on their site that get a big red A++ from me.
Here is the video they did with Owl City. It's dreamy, playful, and... magical!

My favorite toy is the crab that skuttles a bit around 3:11. I want it.
Which toy in video is your favorite?

Kicking this off!

Finally I've put this thing together the way I want, and now I'm reading to dive head-first into the blogosphere. I'll start this off with a bit of a bio. Hi, I'm Lynna. I'm a 21 year old senior at Virginia Commonwealth University. I'm studying creative advertising and I love every bit of it, even if it makes me want to run and scream through the streets of Richmond and push kids off their fixed gears. As for future plans, ask me in a few months ... I have too many ideas for plans, but nothing pinned down as of yet (or anytime soon).

I'm hoping to make this blog a collection of things that I encounter on the interwebs and real life (what? they aren't the same thing?). Design, pop culture, pretty little things, anything that inspire me. Get ready!