November 28, 2009

I like this but I also don't like this. which I like about it... does that make any sense at all?

Jurassic Park

YES YES YES such a great simple design for something so powerful!


i love when things are under water.




I love these. Adorable little shapes, bright fun colors.. what more could I ask for? Check out Pancake & Franks for more designs!


This is adorable! I need to decide if i want to do an L or an S... hmmm. Find out how to do it here.

November 7, 2009


Anthropologie has some great Christmas ornaments on their site right now. I wish i could make them myself. If only I knew how to crochet, but luckily I'm a wiz with felt! I'm adoring the colors and the kitsch feel of these. Check out more super cute ornaments at


WOW. I love these. The patterns and colors... I love every single print! I want to wall paper my walls with these, or at least have one in each room on my house. Check out Brainstorm Print and Design.


I love that Levi's isn't selling their clothing, but instead selling their lifestyle, brand, and attitude.  I love how these are done. The story telling and the moods. You wouldn't even know they were clothing commercials if they didn't tell you at the end. Mmm Love them.

Bird People

So in one day alone I watched 2 commercials with bird people in them. It's kind of freaking me out, but kind of awesome as well. Check them out!


Wrapping Paper Design

I stumbled upon this wrapping paper design, and since I'm practically an elf I basically freaked out. I love this idea for wrapping paper! And it is completely universal for so many holidays! The gift giver in my is screaming and full of joy right now. I couldn't find much info on it besides... Design and art direction: Fabio Milito, Francesca Guidotti. So super props to them!


Christmas Design

So I love Christmas. I probably could quality as an Elf. Today while shopping I stumbled upon this random soap. I don't care thats it's Egyptian Cotton scented Foaming Hand Lotion, but I do love the design on the label. I love the vectors images creating the tree. I love the colors and it's whole feel in general. I'm definitely keeping this in mind when I'm designing the family Christmas card.

Swedish Fish

I don't know how I missed these when they came out, but I absolutely LOVE them!
They speak for themselves...