September 25, 2009

Endeavor Media

Tons of music videos suck. Very few music videos rule. Thanks to Endeavor Media, I think we can all look forward to the bar being raised. They create great stories, and what's best is that they often don't need tons of fancy, glitzy production. They make it seem simple, but I know I wouldn't be able to create something so awesome (but in my dreams, I'm a pro). They've got that special touch. They've got that something that a lot of other producer/directors don't have. Be sure to check Endeavor Media out. They've got a bunch more videos on their site that get a big red A++ from me.
Here is the video they did with Owl City. It's dreamy, playful, and... magical!

My favorite toy is the crab that skuttles a bit around 3:11. I want it.
Which toy in video is your favorite?


  1. my favorite toy is the old man/monkey wizard guy with the light up diamond on his chest. i feel like he'd make me feel smarter just by having him in my room