October 14, 2009

Color Schemes

Weddings are typically known for their color schemes (among other things), and besides the cake, it's one of my favorite parts of weddings. Now marriage is no where on my radar and the only reason I look at wedding blogs is to see interesting color schemes (and pretty flowers and yummy cake) that can help inspired designs! I stumbled upon one wedding site, 100LayerCake. It's really just a blog right now, apparently more is coming soon. but they provide great visuals of color schemes! I just love them.

Delicious! I love color schemes! They really are inspiring, specially if you've never thought of pairing one color with another. Wedding blogs/sites usually have some amazing print work featured on them too. People have gotten really creative with their invitations, place markers, and favors. Check out 100LayerCake and get inspired!

1 comment:

  1. oooh. Love 100layercake. mmmmm. cake.